In a day and age where everything is becoming digital, E-counselling (also known as online counselling or cybercounselling) is an innovative way for people to receive all the benefits of counselling more conveniently.  You will be provided the same service and care as if we were face-to-face. However, we will be using the method of your choice, through email, chat, video or over the phone. Depending on the services that are needed, we can discuss what option would be best. 

Many studies have found that E-counselling is just as effective as in-person counselling. The benefits of E-counselling are that it is

  • convenient, you save time and money for travel.
  • It's flexible, so sessions can be scheduled to fit your busy schedule. 
  • Accessible.
  • The anonymity that comes from E-counselling is also beneficial to some as it takes off som pressure of being face-to-face to discuss difficult issues.
  • No wait rooms.
  • The benefit of using the email or chat comes from the writing itself. Writing has shown to be a very useful therapeutic tool in the processing of experiences, memories and emotions.  

Email counselling (also known as therapeutic journaling) allows both the client and counsellor to thoughtfully formulate an email which can produce a very insightful conversation. Each email is the equivalent to a session. This is beneficial because you can send the email at any time instead of having to wait until your appointment and can say everything you want to say, without worrying about forgetting to say something which can happen in the face-to-face interaction. It also gives you the ability to take your time and sort out your feelings and thoughts which can be helpful when processing information. 

How it works:

You will formulate an email, I suggest taking at least 50 minutes to do this, to make sure you include as much detail as possible. 

You will login to your account and send it.

I will send notification that it has been received and then you will hear back from me within 48 hours. 

I guarantee that I will take 50 minutes to formulate my response. 

I hope to hear back within a week to keep the flow of the conversation going. 

*Email is encrypted to ensure confidentiality. 

Live chat allows us to have a dialogue through instant messaging that is live and uninterrupted for 50 minutes. This can be done on your cell phone, tablet or a computer.

How it works:

We will schedule a date and time.  

You will login to our secure system.

The chat will commence for 50 minutes.

Please note the chat conversation is saved in your account, and you may review it at anytime.  

*Chat is encrypted to ensure confidentiality

Telephone counselling takes place over the phone. 

How it works:

We schedule a date and time for our phone session. 

You will find a quite, safe space and await my call. 

Using video is similar to face-to-face counselling because it allows us to see each others body language. Using Zoom, which can be downloaded on a computer, phone or tablet we will engage in a therapy session through video chat. 

How it works:

We will set a date and time for the session.

You receive a text/email with the link to our session. 

You will find a quite, safe space and we will commence our session.